Maribor hosts Chefs de Mission seminar in preparation for EYOF

Maribor hosts the Chefs de Mission seminar as part of preparations for the EYOF

In the coming days, the Chefs de Mission seminar will take place in Maribor. Before every multi-sport event, it is a tradition that Chefs de Mission that will participate in the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) visit the host city. The aim of the seminar, which will take place from 19 April to 20 April 2023, will be to familiarize the heads of delegations with key information and preparations for the festival and to check the readiness of the organizing committee for the implementation of the event.

There are less than 100 days left for Maribor to go down in history and welcome more than 2,500 athletes from 48 European countries who will participate in the 2023 European Youth Olympic Festival.
One of the most important milestones is undoubtedly the Chefs de Mission seminar. The organizing committee of Maribor 2023 invited 48 participating delegations to Slovenia so that their representatives could get acquainted with the progress and start cooperating with the host country.

The exchange of information and knowledge is essential for Chefs de Mission, as they are the ones who are important to collaborate on all the details and problems that may arise.

Heads of delegations will get to know the city of Maribor, they will visit all the venues, including the venues for the opening and closing ceremonies, and they will meet with members of the organizing committee and heads of individual fields. In addition, delegation heads will receive all the key information needed to prepare for their delegation’s arrival at EYOF.
The Chefs de Mission seminar is extremely important for the successful implementation of the European Youth Olympic Festival and also includes an assessment of the operational readiness of the organizing committee. The heads of the delegations will thus be able to check whether all the preparations are in place and whether all the necessary services are provided for their athletes, thus ensuring a smooth course of the event.
Maribor, which will host the European Youth Olympic Festival, can offer a lot even in such a short time. In addition to sports facilities and venues that have already proven themselves in past sports events, the city also has a rich cultural and natural heritage. Heads of delegations will have the opportunity to get to know all this and see for themselves the beauty of the city and the readiness of the organizing committee.