#Connected, dynamic and sporting


The EYOF 2023 logo presents Maribor as a connected, dynamic and sporting city. It is the No. 1 football city in Slovenia, dressed in purple. It is a city on the banks of the Drava River, enriched with the Pohorje Mountains and numerous hills, dressed in the beautiful colours of nature.

Maribor is a city with a capital M and a big heart for sports.

Maribor – One city, one heart.

With its variety of colours, the logo emphasizes the unification of several European nations in a multi-sport event in the Olympic spirit, while the drops symbolize the effort that is required for achieving top results.

#Support and encouragement


Foksi is a lively, crafty and shrewd fox. He has an indomitable spirit and has been passionate about sports ever since he was a baby cub. Thanks to his determination and perseverance, he is now an indispensable support and encouragement to our athletes.

Foksi is a loyal and enthusiastic fan, whose energy and playfulness often lead to innocent pranks and jokes in the company of fans. His appearance aims at promoting sport values and a healthy and active lifestyle in harmony with nature.