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Bike Park Pohorje

Mountain Biking

Bike Park Pohorje is the largest mountain bike park in Slovenia. It currently includes more than 10 km of bike trails, from beginner to world cup tracks.
The bike park is the venue of top-level competitions in downhill mountain bike racing (World Cup, European Cup and European Championship).

With the new track for the cross-country discipline (XC), Maribor, as an experienced host of the most complex competitions in mountain biking, will ensure that this discipline will also be attractive and challenging for all participants.

Branik Tennis Club


The venue, which will host EYOF 2023 tennis matches, is a venue with an amazing tennis tradition, as the first tennis court was constructed here in 1901.
Branik Tennis Club, organizes and conducts a tennis school and tennis tournaments.

A special feature is the unique „US OPEN“ playground with a hard surface (Deco Turf) and three mini playgrounds for children.

Throughout the year, the tennis park is a popular meeting place for recreational players, tennis veterans and professionals.

The grounds include:

  • 12 outdoor courts
  • indoor hall with two courts

Draš Sports Centre


The sports facilities of Draš Sports Centre, which is located in a peaceful environment at the foot of Pohorje, reflect the highest professional standards.

The sports facilities of the centre include:

  • a sports hall, which offers up to eight badminton courts at the same time, or the simultaneous setting up of four basketball hoops. There are also two volleyball courts
  • indoor football pitch
  • fitness centre

Ice Rink Hall

The Ice Rink Hall is located next to the Tabor Sports Hall. The ice rink provides Maribor hockey players and other athletes with good conditions for training and competitions. For many years, it has been the home of the Maribor Hockey Club – Lisjaki.

The Ice Rink Hall is also home to figure skating and the Ledenko Maribor Ice Stock Sport Association. The ice rink also hosts the Maribor Curling Club, which is the first curling club in Slovenia.

In the summer, the hall also hosts training sessions and competitions in handball and basketball.

Leon Štukelj Square

Basketball 3x3

With its 9,000 m2, the Leon Štukelj Square in Maribor is the largest Slovenian square. It is a modern square in the centre of the city and is dedicated to the greatest Slovenian athlete and multiple Olympic medallist Leon Štukelj.

The location of the square ensures an amazing experience of various outdoor cultural and sports events and the square will thus come to life during the EYOF 2023 in a pleasant, sporting and fan-fuelled atmosphere.

Leon Štukelj USC

Rokomet - dekleta

The Leon Štukelj University Sports Centre has the following facilities:

  • a large hall – 34.60 m x 55.60 m, surface area of 1,898 m2. It enables the practice of various sports: volleyball, basketball, badminton, handball, futbal, and table tennis
  • a martial arts hall – 113 m2 that enable the practice of the martial arts of aikido, karate and judo, as well as physical training and yoga
  • aerobics and dance hall – 113 m2 for aerobics, dance and rhythmic gymnastics
  • squash hall – two halls of 125 m2
  • fitness hall – two halls, 130 m2 in total
  • City Wall climbing wall – 160 m2 for sport climbing
  • Sauna – dry Finnish sauna for 6 persons

The associated infrastructure includes eight changing rooms with toilets for the athletes, eight smaller rooms for teachers, coaches and judges. A small auditorium with 20 seats and a large auditorium with 80 seats are available for conducting the theoretical part of the pedagogical process. There are also spectator stands with more than 800 seats and stands in the gallery.

Ljudski Vrt Stadium

The Ljudski Vrt Stadium is the central and largest event stadium in Maribor with a surface area of 12,782 m2. It is the first centre of Maribor football, offering spectators football matches at the highest level.

The matches of the home club, NK MARIBOR, are a football treat and the club regularly proves that Maribor is the No. 1 football city in Slovenia.

NK MARIBOR also attracts attention outside Slovenia, having been present at the most prestigious competitions, such as the Champions League and Europa League.

The stadium has a capacity of 12,500 spectators and accommodates approximately 125,000 users and visitors a year. The Ljudski Vrt Stadium, where the fighting spirit of the players and the passion of the fans always create an unforgettable atmosphere, gives Maribor a vibrant sports feeling.

During EYOF 2023, the Ljudski Vrt Stadium will host the opening ceremonies.

Lukna Hall


The Lukna Hall can accommodate up to 2,600 participants and is a multi-purpose sports hall with the largest surface area in Slovenia. The total floor area is 1,525 m2 (58 x 26.30 m) and the height of the hall is 14 m.

The hall can be divided into two basketball or four volleyball courts, six badminton or table tennis courts or martial arts surfaces.

There are 8 changing rooms and rooms for officials at competitions, doping controls, journalists and TV broadcasts.



Maribor and its surroundings

Road Cycling

Road cycling races will take place on a professionally set course suitable for road cycling. The cyclists will compete on the streets of Maribor and its surroundings. As a city with the appropriate infrastructure, Maribor has previously hosted the biggest names in road cycling during the Tour of Slovenia several times.

At EYOF 2023, we will be able to watch Individual Time Trial race at Maribor Airport and Individual Road Race.

Poljane Athletics Stadium


Due to its geographical location and high-quality track, the Poljane Athletics Stadium, with a surface area of approximately 10,000 m2, provides excellent training conditions for all disciplines, while allowing other educational institutions to hold competitions, testing and other events.

The IAAF-certified stadium is dedicated exclusively to athletics and has:

  • 8 400 m oval tracks
  • 4 long jump pits
  • 2 high jump pits
  • 1 pole vault pit
  • 2 shot put and javelin throw areas
  • 1 discus throw and hammer throw area

Pristan Swimming Centre


The Pristan Swimming Centre is a large indoor swimming pool complex with a surface area of 3,480 m2, of that 1,875 m2 of pool areas.

The Olympic-size swimming pool enables the organization of events at the highest level and meets the requirements and standards of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and the European Swimming League (LEN).

The facility is suitable for the following sports activities: swimming, swimming lessons, diving, water basketball, water polo.

The swimming pool has the following facilities: an Olympic-size pool, a medium-size pool, a small pool, saunas, and a fitness centre.

Skatepark Maribor


The Skatepark is suitable for competitions at the highest international level, including qualifying competitions for the Olympic Games.

As the first host of a skateboarding competition in the history of EYOF,, we will ensure an interesting competition at the highest level.

The Skatepark consists of four main parts:

  • upper platform with a pool
  • ower platform featuring urban-style elements
  • children’s training area
  • club area

Tabor Sports Hall

Artistic Gymnastics

The Tabor Sports Hall covers 118 facilities with a total surface area of over 9,500 m2.

The main hall is suitable for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and fitness training as well as for the organization of various events.

In addition to the main hall, there is also a table tennis hall, a 6-lane bowling alley, a fitness centre, a martial arts hall, a massage room, a conference room, and a restaurant.

Since 1984, the Tabor Sports Hall has hosted more than 7,500 events, attracting more than 6 million visitors.

Tabor Sports Park

The Tabor Sports Park is one of the most beautiful and largest sports parks in Slovenia. With its green surfaces and halls, it provides various clubs and associations with the conditions for the development of competitive and recreational sports. The Tabor Sports Park covers 84,000 m2 of well-maintained surfaces.

The following halls are located within the complex:

  • The Tabor Hall and the multi-purpose ŽŠD Hall with two basketball courts or six badminton courts
  • A tennis hall with a total of five courts

The outdoor facilities comprise a volleyball court, two basketball courts, a handball and a futsal court, three large grass football fields and the main football field with spectator stands, the Poljane Athletics Stadium, and 13 well-maintained tennis courts.

Vrbanska Sports Hall

Handball - Boys

Vrbanska sports hall is a newer and modern sports hall. The hall has a size of 1,600 m2 and is divided into three playing sectors. The sectors can be separated by curtains.

The following sports can be played in the hall:

  1. Badminton (6 courts)
  2. Volleyball (3 courts)
  3. Basketball (6 courts)
  4. Handball (3 courts)
  5. Football (3 courts)

The hall also offers the possibility of playing indoor field hockey and table tennis (12x) and provides the possibility of preparatory training for various national teams
and clubs.