400 participants had a blast at Zzrolano mesto!

(Maribor, September 18, 2022) ZZrolano mesto, a sports and recreational event, which was held for the seventeenth time this year, attracted a large number of fans of all kinds of bicycles. The organizers, the Maribor University Sports Association (Zdrava zabava) counted around 400 of them.

Zdrava zabava has been preparing ZZrolano mesto since 2002, which during all this time has grown from an originally student event into a recreational event intended for all generations. The unique opportunity – rollerblading / skateboarding / cycling / rollerblading where cars otherwise drive, attracts more and more participants. “We put a lot of emphasis on safety, and it was like that this time too, but it is a big challenge with such a large number of people. At the same time, the help of both police officers who take care of stopping traffic, as well as the ambulance and the so-called roller police, our security,” says Klemen Tasič, project manager at Zdrava zabava. This year, the event was moved to the southern platform of Ljudski vrt, and the parade started at exactly 4 p.m. on a 13.5-kilometer route through Maribor, naturally at a moderate pace that is adapted to the youngest. Right from the start, the organizers prepared a surprise, as the parade, accompanied by a music truck, went through the Ljudski vrt, where the NK Maribor anthem greeted them through the speakers. They then continued their journey throughout the city until they stopped at Pobrežje. The escort of the Jurček train took care of everyone who could not complete such a long route.

The event is part of the European Mobility Week in Maribor and is completely free for everyone.

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