Today the so-called Olympic Day marks the founding of the International Olympic Committee and the birth of the modern Olympic Games. Taking this opportunity, the opening of the exhibition EYOF Maribor 2023: Connecting Sport and Culture was held today. Also, the torch of peace, the symbol of EYOF MB 2023, which was passed from hand to hand in the month of June by approximately 13,850 people who thereby showed support for young athletes, completed its journey today.

June 23 marks the founding of the International Olympic Committee and the birth of the modern Olympic Games. In June, National Olympic Committees around the world hold many sporting events to mark this special day, the so-called Olympic Day. Among them is the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – the Association of Sports Federations, which every year joins the global movement and from June 1 onwards prepares many events dedicated to this historic moment.
Olympic Day not only highlights the birth of the modern Olympic Games but calls on all sports enthusiasts, recreationists and younger and older generations to maintain an active lifestyle and live in accordance with the Olympic values: excellence, friendship, and respect.
The commemoration of the Olympic Day is thus based on three activities: MOVEMENT, LEARNING and RESEARCH.
Today’s Olympic Day was marked with various activities at many primary schools across Slovenia. Famous athletes and Olympians visited their primary schools and immerse themselves in the past. Filip Flisar, Mitja Kunc, Tomaž Tomšič, Miha Ličef, Anja Mandeljc and Mojca Mavrič reminisced with the children about adventures from their school days, and the chosen elementary school marked the visit of the athlete with special event.
Photo: Olympic Committee of Slovenia
Olympic Day was celebrated at 15 elementary schools across Slovenia this year, with more than 5,500 young sports enthusiasts participating. The Olympic school program consisted of a conversation with the athlete, an Olympic quiz and handing over a signed portrait of the athlete to the school, and ended with a symbolic recreational run for all participants, where each of them received a special Fox Olympic medal as a prize.
The International Olympic Committee chose “Let’s move” as this year’s Olympic Day slogan. Let’s move, with which the general public is urged to move and spend their free time actively, with an emphasis on movement during working hours and not only outside the working environment.
Today, however, we are not only celebrating the birth of the biggest sporting event in the world; namely, exactly 1 month separates us from the start of the summer European Youth Olympic Festival in Maribor. On this occasion, the EYOF Maribor 2023 exhibition: Connecting Sport and Culture was opened today on the street Ulica škofa Maksimiljana Držečnika. The Sports Promenade is decorated with 12 exhibition boards, on which all the countries of athletes participating in the Summer Festival are presented.
The opening of the exhibition is the result of the cooperation of EYOF Maribor 2023, the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, the Municipality of Maribor, the European Olympic Committees, the European Olympic Academy, the Provincial Museum of Maribor and the Organizing Committee of EYOF.
The torch of peace also completed its journey today. In the month of June, this iconic symbol spread the spirit of sport and unity in as many as 28 municipalities, 18 primary schools in Maribor and the partners of EYOF Maribor 2023. Almost 13,850 people participated in handing over the torch of peace, symbolically showing their support for young athletes.
Both the Olympic Committee of Slovenia and the organizing committee of EYOF MB 2023 are already eagerly awaiting the start of the summer Festival in the heart of the Styrian capital, which will bring new victories, friendships and future Olympians.