Every spring, Maribor residents will be able to gather under the so-called “pink umbrellas”

Every spring, Maribor residents will be able to gather under the so-called "pink umbrellas"

Every spring, we will be able to see the blossoming of Japanese cherry trees in Maribor, which MOM planted on November 9, 2022, at the Japanese ambassador’s reception.

Rakušev trg in Maribor now has 22 new trees, which is not a random number, but rather a reflection of the year in which the trees were planted, which is this year, 2022.

“The idea came from the Japanese embassy, which we accepted with great pleasure,” said Mr. Saša Aleksander Arsenovič, Mayor of Maribor Municipality.

MO Maribor has joined the Japanese embassy’s wonderful project, which brings one of the most beautiful and symbolically powerful trees to Slovenian cities – Japanese cherries. In Maribor, 11 Prunus subhirtella “Pendula Rosea” Japanese cherry trees and 11 Prunus serrulata “Pink Perfection” upright Prunus serrulata trees were planted.
According to an article on the Maribor24.si website:
»”Sakura,” as Japanese cherries are known in Japan, have several symbolic meanings. […] They are a symbol of hope and renewal, and they represent the strengthening of friendly relations between the two countries on this occasion. Hanami, Japan’s annual cherry blossom festival, is more than just a reason to socialize under the so-called pink umbrellas; it also has a message that reminds us of the fragility and transience of beauty and life, while also reminding us of precious moments and the power of nature’s renewal, which brings new beginnings and new opportunities.«
“Where their factories are, they built these gardens – avenues of cherry trees, and now they have moved forward with this project in the hope that, through this, Japanese and our culture can find and get to know each other even more,” said Saša Aleksander Arsenovič, mayor of MOM.
The event was attended by Ambassador Matsushima, President of OKS, Mr. Gabrovec and vice president Mr. Barada, director of the EYOF festival, Mrs. Ritonija, representatives of donors and other lovers of Japanese nature and culture in our city.
The mayor of the city of Maribor: “In 1952 […] a beautiful Japanese garden was created in our city park, which until now, like many things in the city, has been degraded […] . Together, in cooperation with the knowledge […] revitalized the Japanese garden. The second year, when the opening of the European Youth Olympics will be held, we will find this point of contact with Japan, which hosted the Para Olympics last year, and that this will be a way to establish further contacts.”

New ties and opportunities for Japan and Maribor​

Hiromichi Matsushima, the ambassador of Japan, said that they approached the mayor of MOM with an idea that was immediately supported by the municipality.
“The idea was to plant cherry trees on the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic contacts with Slovenia and Japan, which for the Japanese is a symbol of their support for the municipality of Maribor. We are happy to plant trees in the garden near the municipality, and I hope that the citizens of Maribor will enjoy the beautiful Japanese flowers every spring and remember the historical unification of Japan and Maribor, as well as the success of the Olympic Games and the successes of our Slovenian athletes,” concluded the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Matsushima.
Blossoming of Japanese cherry trees in Maribor.
Every spring there will be blossoming of Japanese cherry trees in Maribor.
Beautiful spring blossoming of Japanese cherry trees in Maribor.