#Conditions and application

How can I become a volunteer at EYOF 2023 Maribor?

Our goal is to put together a motivated and committed team of volunteers and to provide them with a unique and memorable experience that will continue to encourage numerous individuals to help organize sports events in Slovenia.

Age limit

Anyone who is 16 years old on the date the Volunteer Agreement is signed (May 2023) may become a volunteer. For volunteers applying from abroad, the age requirement for participation is 18 years.

Personal interview

All registered candidates wishing to become a member of the EYOF 2023 volunteer team will be invited to a personal interview, during which they will introduce themselves to the Commission. The Organizing Committee will inform them about the work and organization of the event.

Education and training

We will organize training and education for all selected candidates before the event. Participation in these sessions is mandatory for all selected candidates and a prerequisite for volunteering at the EYOF 2023.

Volunteers are a very important part of the preparation and organization. You are the “face of the festival”, as you will be present not only at the sports venues, but all over Maribor.

As we are aware that your well-being and satisfaction are of the utmost importance, as a volunteer you will be entitled to:

  • voluntary uniforms,
  • free use of public transportation in Maribor (upon presentation of volunteer accreditation),
  • a hot meal and refreshing drinks during the work,
  • Insurance for the time of participation in the event,
  • training for work in a specific field,
  • support and assistance from mentors
  • accommodation, if the distance to Maribor is greater (more than 70 km),
  • Receipts/certificates for the work done, indicating the hours and description of the work, which you can use as a reference.


We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have by email: volunteers@eyof-maribor.com